Monday, January 3, 2011

Update utk FA Workshop

Folk Art Workshop – “Roses, Cottage & Garden”

The workshop will teach the participants on surface preparation, basecoating.the background and the finishing. It will also teach the participants brushstroke method using the angle brush to paint roses. The workshop will also cover the techniques of shading, highlighting, dry-brushing and stippling to paint the Cottage and Garden scenery. Thus this session will cover the essentials of Folk Art and decorative painting.

Place : Pearl View Hotel, Seberang Jaya.
Date : 23 January, 2011
Time : 10.00 am – 4.30 pm
Fee : RM 255 per person (if you are just starting and don’t own any tools, medium & paints)

This price includes the following:
Room rental (no food or refreshments are provided), Instructor’s fee & ransportation

Tools :
Liner brush
Round brush #4
Flat brush for basecoating & varnishing
Angle brush # 3/8
Deerfoot brush # 1/8
Deerfoot brush # 3/8

All-purpose sealer
Gloss varnish, Retarder
Background colour (Island sands)

J.S. Palette paints :
Yellow light, Pine green, White, black, Burgundy, Brown earth, French blue, Smoked pearl, Trans Magenta, Diox purple, Raw Siena, Blue Chiffon, Hi-lite flash, Olive green

Participants should bring their own :

Pen/pencil, notebook, drawing block, apron, rags (old small towel)..
Pattern will be given and we will loan each person the transfer paper and paper palette.

Registration condition :

In order to register for the workshop, participants has to deposit RM 50 in advanced. The rest of the amount will be collected at the beginning of the workshop. Should the participants has their own tools, medium and paints, we will deduct the amount accordingly from the total cost of the workshop.

Only those that has purchased the book “Dekorasi Seni Lukis & Decoupage” by Zahir Yusof are allowed to participate. Those that do not have the book can purchase it at the beginning of the workshop. The participants must bring the book with their name on it to show proved that they have bought it.


jan said...

insyaallah saya nak join

mamaQaseh said...

macam teringin jer nak join.. saya berminat tapi saya zero knowledge..
lagi satu mmg tak pandai melukis....

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